I'm going to be on Fringe!!

I just heard from my publishers that they signed a clearance for the production company on the FOX TV series “Fringe” to use the 2010 Go Vegan calendar in the show!!

FRINGE is one of my FAVOURITE SHOWS EVER!!!! Weeeeeeeee!

Not sure when it will air but keep your eyes peeled for the calendar. I’m sure it will just be in the background somewhere but I hope it’s used as a prop or that Joshua Jackson sees the calendar and falls in love with me. What? Oh. Did I say that out loud? *laugh*

Speaking of Joshua Jackson have you seen his movie One Week? I really loved it … thought it was a beautiful love letter to Canada and even though it’s about Joshua’s character facing his own mortality I found it really up-lifting because of it’s message about living in the moment. I dug it.

Not to gush … but I’ve always been impressed with actors like Joshua who don’t over-act when they need to convey heavy emotions. Without saying a word of dialogue they share an internal monologue through their eyes/body language. My other movie-boyfriend Ryan Gosling is in the same category. Maybe it’s because they’re both Canadian or maybe they went to the Joey Tribuani school of acting and are just pretending they smelled a fart.   🙂

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