Fergus love Mummy!

Love. Love and more love.

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  1. Lesley says:

    I can’t get over how cute Fergus is! Now if we could all have Fergus-clones… 🙂

    I’ve been meaning to ask, how did Fergus come into your family? Was he a rescue?

  2. Holly says:

    Our Romeo likes to lie like that! Must be a small breed thing. The only problem with him lying like that is we’ve taken kicks to the face in the middle of the night by his back paw, hahaha!

  3. Larissa says:

    You and your perfect eyebrows …

  4. MissDeeCanada says:

    I just love all these pictures of Fergus. I know I keep repeating myself. Just love those darn dogs! So cute!

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