We are all done the renovations in the sterilization room at Tattoo Zoo! WOOT!

I didn’t get a good “before” photo because Gerry started tearing it apart before I arrived … but you get the idea. Terrible cupboards. Wood panel walls. Ugly linoleum.

We raised the floor to be the same height as the front of the shop and put up drywall.

We painted, tiled the floor, tiled the walls and put up new shelving.

It’s SO much prettier in there now.

Big thanks to Stuart (who helped us with the floors/drywall) and Morgan (who helped us with the paint). I have one last thing to do in there which is put up wallpaper on the back-wall but I’m going to wait till the weather cools down a little.  🙂

Now we have the bathroom to tackle … ugh.

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