Fergus & Teddy

Fergus sharing his bed with Teddy.

Fergus has been out of sorts for a couple of days.

I thought he was acting indifferent because we had another dog in the house (I’ve been doggie sitting Teddy – a foster dog) but yesterday Fergus didn’t want to go for a walk. Refused to walk up stairs. Wouldn’t chase the ball at the park. I thought perhaps it was his tummy so I gave it a day to go away … but today was no different.

Went to the vet and her diagnosis was that he hurt a disc in his back!! He’s been ordered to have 5 days of bed rest so that means he’s not allowed to walk, jump or do anything. I have to carry him outside for pee-breaks.

Poor baby. It hurts my heart when he doesn’t feel well. 🙁 Paws crossed this is a one-time injury.

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  1. Cee says:

    Poor guy! May he feel better soon!

  2. Carol says:

    Poor baby!!! Must’ve really been a wigglyworm to hurt your back like that. Get better soon!

  3. Sandra says:

    Hope he’s better quick. Would doggie chiropractics help him? There are vets who do that.

  4. Dwan says:

    Ouch – hope he’s feeling better soon!

  5. Maria Rose says:

    Bumblebee sends her love and well wishes to Fergus. Eric and I do too, but it seems to mean more coming from Miss Bumblebee as she’s had a couple of back injuries as well. Do you know how he hurt his back?

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