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Wow. I really didn’t think switching everyone over from my ‘facebook friend’ to a ‘sarah kramer fanpage‘ would evoke so many emotions. I had so many e-mails from sad people, upset people, people who wrote me long good-bye letters.

I’m NOT going anywhere! *laugh*

I will still be on facebook… only now it will be a fan page. Like I said in my previous post I was coming closer and closer every day to the 5000 “friend” cap on facebook so I figured I should nip things in the bud before it grew any bigger.

Now with a fan page I can have unlimited friends and will be able to be MORE interactive because the conversations will all be in one place. You will still get the same blog updates and the same twitter updates. NOTHING will change. I promise!! Just the location has changed.


So don’t forget to join the Sarah Kramer Fan Page as I will start purging my friends list starting tomorrow. Thank you all for your love and support … hang in there friends. It will be ok. I promise!

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