Attn Facebook friends

I am fast approaching my 5000 facebook friend limit so I have started a Sarah Kramer Fan Page. Please join the fan page right away as I will be purging my personal facebook page to only have “friends” who are actually my friends.  🙂

You will still be seeing all the same blog updates and tweets … but the Fan Page can have an unlimited amount of friends. See you over there!! 🙂
Please let me know if you have any issues.

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  1. granuaile says:

    thanks. i did not dare to be your “friend” (thought it was “faux”). but a fan i am! 😀

  2. Rob says:

    Oh Gosh. I loved being your cyber friend!! I’ll become a fan post-haste. I love your cook books and please share stories, etc. on the fan page as well!!!

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