Earth’s Herbal

What a great day three I’ve had!! So many friends (new and old) popping by. What a joy.  🙂

The only downside to the store is that I like to keep my front doors wide open to encourage people to come in but all the traffic fumes from Pandora Ave are gross. I need a lavender plant for my desk or something.

I just got in a new shipment of Earth’s Herbal Teas. I am now carrying the full line and have added: Purity Fountain Cleansing Tea, Black Rose Tea, Tea for Sad People, Nerve and Stress Tea, Chai Tea and Tropical Green Tea to the fabulous roster of flavours I already carry.

If you can’t make it to the store you can always order online HERE.

Also, I’m about to do an order from Herbivore Clothing – so if there’s something specific you would like – shoot me an e-mail and I’ll order it for you. I’d also love to hear what you’d like me to carry in the store! I need some feedback!!  🙂

I’m closed Monday (and am really looking forward to having a day off as I’m quite pooped) but I’ll be back at it on Tuesday at 11am.


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