Crazy Rumors lip balm!!

Hi. My name is Sarah and I’m a lip-balm-a-holic!
I’m always on the look out for the perfect vegan lip-balm and Crazy Rumors fits the bill! 🙂

Here’s the flavours I’m now carrying at Sarah’s Place.

Decadent Ice-Cream inspired lip-balm

Orange Creamsicle: a classic combination of vanilla cream & orange indulgence
Raspberry Sherbert: delicious fresh raspberry with a touch of citrus tartness
Banana Split: sliced banana swirled with chocolate, vanilla & strawberry
Mint Chocolate: soothing peppermint meets irresistible chocolate

Quench your thirst with these juice inspired lip-balm

Orange Juice: sweet citrus straight from the grove
Pink Grapefruit:
refreshingly sweet meets tart and tangy
Lemonade: pucker up – a sour treat yet so sweet
lemon’s envious cousin – blissfully tart

Crazy Rumors very kindly sent me 6 free lip balms to give away to customers so … get down here and buy something!! This offer is also extended to internet sales. Make a purchase online and get a free Crazy Rumors lip-balm!

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