Don’t you worry …

Hey. I just want everyone to know … that I’m not following blindly what the BC Cancer Agency is telling me. I am doing research. I have an excellent naturopath who is supporting me through all this. I’m reading all the stuff you send me. I know ALL about Kris Carr (who doesn’t have breast cancer BTW) and I am weighing out all my options before we decide what route we take.

Don’t you worry … 🙂

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  1. Gabrielle says:

    Excellent! So good to hear it. No, Kris Carr does not have breast cancer, but she does live with cancer tumors inside her body. And she has a great story to tell – I would think anyone with cancer anywhere in her body, pre-surgery or post-surgery, would benefit from reading one of her books, or seeing her film in particular. Cancer is a scary word, and people in white coats with their names embroidered upon them, stethoscopes around their necks, just seem inherently to know more than we do. Important point is that at times they do not. It can take a lot of courage to turn away from a doctor and go our own way, but when we do we realize what real control we have over our own bodies, and subsequently our lives and how we want to live them.

    Continuing to wish you the very best on your own personal journey.

  2. Icahlua says:

    You take good care of yourself now xx

  3. Joseph says:

    Sarah-sweets, I am just catching up on this news and what you have been living with recently. Argh-o-rama! As an oncology nurse I know many of the challenges you face every day, though I obviously cannot know them all. I can’t think of anyone more likely to do just fine, or to have a more positive impact on others through this experience. Stay awesome!

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