Dear Elvis…

Dear Elvis…
Thank you for guiding us to find this fantastic apartment with a view of the ocean and downtown Victoria. It’s polished concrete floors and exposed duct work makes us feel like the urban yuppies that we long to be.

But why Elvis? Why? Why doth thou smit us with party-hardy upstairs neighbors who listen to Pearl Jam and invite girls over with high heel shoes that clomp clomp clomp across their polished concrete floors as they giggle, hoot and holler with their manly jock friends.

I had to phone the police at 4:30am to make it stop. I don’t understand it… this is such a civilized building yet this one apartment is party central and we are underneath it.

Can you do something about it for me? Thanks for listening.
Say hi to everyone for me. Especially Johnny Cash.
p.s. can you also do something about George Bush?

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