art and tacos

On Gerry’s day off we took Fergus to daycare and we spent the day wandering around to all the art galleries.

We hit Fan Tan Studio to see Stefan Thompson’s show but they were closed. Bah. You may remember Stefan as the artist I commissioned to do some Fergus drawings. He’s so fantastic.

Went to The On Canvas Gallery and then headed up the hill to The Victoria Art Gallery to see the Baroque exhibit. Oil paintings freak me out… sometimes they look more life like then photographs yet they were painted before cameras were invented.

From the gallery shop I purchased The Complete Writings of Emily Carr who I have recently become a big fan of. You can’t live in BC and not bump into Emily Carrs work. I was always kind of blasé about her work until I went to a big exhibit that included reading some of her diaries. Man. She was a hoot! Funny, irreverent and such a feminist. She not only painted, but wrote amazing books, wore pants before woman were allowed to wear pants and lived with a monkey. My kind of lady.

Feeling a little peckish we went to Hernandez for tacos. Everyone has been raving to me about this place and I see why. 5 black bean tacos for $5! SHUT UP! They are soooo yum and everything is made from scratch.It’s located in this weird dead mini-mall that joins Yates Street and View… it’s one of those dead areas nobody every goes to… but since Hernandez moved in the place is jumping! It’s located across from The Magazine House at 735 Yates.
So it’s so gray out today that even when I opened every single blind in the house… I still had to turn on all my lights. Ugh. I need some sunshine. This weather is killing me. Maybe a walk on the beach with the Fur-gus will help.

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  1. Jodi says:

    it used to be located next door to the lazer tag place on fort. i got to know their kids pretty well from when i would go visit colin at work. they’d just come and hang out. um… yeah thats all i got. i wonder why gerry was wondering what size my feet are?

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