Day two…

Woke up. Ate and then hit the airport… In the West Jet lounge they had a “screening lounge” where you could sit and watch movie trailers. WOOO HOOO!! What fun. It killed 30 minutes in no time. Fun Fun Fun.
The plane ride was boring… but not as boring as it usually is because I have the best travel buddy in the world. 🙂AND to make my trip even better… Much Music had a little thing about The Go-Go’s on my inflight television. *Woot*We arrived in Toronto at 7pm and grabbed a cab into the city… as soon as we hit the freeway traffic stopped. Apparently there was a 4 car accident on the highway and we were at a standstill for quite a while. So we started reading the paper and who should be in it?? Teresa!! Who’s sitcom The Jane Show premiered tonight. Did you watch it?? Sooo funny. I can’t wait till next week. 🙂Gerry and I didn’t stay long at the TV party. We are bushed… so we came back to our hotel room and unpacked and now we’re in bed and I’m about to go to sleep. Ahhh sleep….But first I wanted to show you the hilarious wall paper in our room.And ask you about my shower… um… why does my shower have two faucets?? Anyone?? 🙂

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  1. Sarah's Blog says:


  2. Michelle says:

    To wash your feet? Or maybe it’s for Fergus

  3. Mizz Monster says:

    welcome to T.O.!

    Um, isn’t the top faucet actually a tap?

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