Day one…

Our first day of travel started with a riddle… how in the heck will we ever fit all these suitcases in the Smart Car.
Gerry is Smart… and so is our car. 🙂 We fit EVERYTHING in our car… amazing.Then we hit the road. Fergus always has the best seat.
The ferry food was pretty good this trip… I had a really yummy curry wrap that was made with coconut milk and had chickpeas and potatoes. It was yum. I also bought a plastic box full of chopped up apples. What’s wrong with the world?? What’s wrong with just an apple? I don’t need it cut up for me and then packaged. Oh dear.Gerry at the Veggie Burger… of course.Then we hit Abbotsford, had a nice but short visit with Gerry’s parents and then drove to the airport hotel. Don’t even get me started about the hotel… Needless to say they’re getting a nice long letter of complaint from me when I get home.

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    he’s stealing your show.

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