Bra shopping…

…is so traumatic for me. The mirrors in department stores are never flattering and I never know what size to try. I end up walking into the change room with 50 bras and walking out in tears. I can never seem to find a bra that fits me well. Either the cups pucker or the straps are falling down or the bra is riding up. I HATE BRA SHOPPING!!

Well enough whining already. I’m 40 now. I’m not afraid to ask for help anymore or be naked in front of a stranger. I’ve had a mammogram. I’m a grown up damn it and I need help!

So today I marched over to Victoria Classic Lingerie and said “I need help finding a bra.” and I shit you not – within 10 minutes I was in a bra that was so comfortable and fit all my needs I felt like I had just put on a 2nd skin.

I bought 3 of these bras (name brand: Fit Fully Yours) on the spot. Thank you Victoria Classic Lingerie.

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