Birdy, parents and recycled paper…

Hey there.
How was your weekend? Mine was busy… I woke up at 6:30am this morning because this dang bird was singing a happy song and wouldn’t stop. It was actually quite lovely to listen to his warbel… I just wish I had been able to fall back to sleep. I’m beat!

The birds must be in heat right now because on the walk home Gerry and I watched a male pigeon try to make it with a girly pigeon… We thought he was hurt at first but he was just all fluffed up and bothered trying to chase after this chicka. She would have none of it by the way… 🙂

My parents were in town, so I had a great visit with them. Just hung out…walked around…ate some food. A lovely time.
And then there’s been the filming… Brian is slogging away at Meat Market 3. From the looks of the make-up this movie is going to be the best one yet!!Don’t worry… Fergus is fine. He always blinks when I use my flash…

I was around the shop a lot this week and did a major amount of cleaning in the office. I hate to say it but Gerry is a bit of a pack-rat… Our office is a little cubbie under the stairs and it’s literally maybe 3 feet across and 6 feet long. It’s TINY!! I re-cycled 3 garbage cans of paper. GERRY!! The boy just doesn’t throw things out…I’m not quite done in there but at least now you can see the desk and everything is in its place.

Ahhhh. I love cleaning.

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  1. Kramers says:

    I looove cleaning too. People around here hate me for it. But when I get in the grove… I can clear and clean a large space in not a lot of time. All I need is some good music and the great power within….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures!
    Hah! My beau is like that too, he has a drawer filled with TTC transfers! 😉

    Just wanted to say I finally made the black bean sweet potatoe burritos…OMG amazing!!!
    We can’t stop eating them!
    Thank you! xo Alice

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