So now that we’re done the majority of the renovations in the front of the shop – our NEXT project is the biohazard room.

Right now it has wood paneling (ahhh so 70’s) so we are replacing that with drywall, raising the sunken floor to be floor-level with the front of the shop and once that’s all done … I GET TO DECORATE!  🙂

The first order of business once the new floors/walls are up is to lay down some Armstrong floor tiles like the ones I did in my kitchen.

Only instead of white and gray I’m going to do black and gray. I was going to do a crazy colour but decided to do a neutral floor so I can wallpaper the walls something crazy instead! You can easily change the walls … changing the tile is never easy.  🙂

I did a basic pattern in the kitchen but at the shop I’m thinking of doing something a bit more interesting. Here’s where YOU come in … I’d love your input.

I kind of dig this pattern:

I also dig the stripes:

But I think my favourite is this configuration…

What do you think?

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