Well I tried to make the bed this morning so I could take a few photos of the completed bedroom but SOMEONE wouldn’t let me …
While it doesn’t look like a lot was done to the room … let me remind you that it was floor to ceiling wallpaper.

I was going to paint the room a dark blue (similar to our bed sheet). Gerry and I like our bedroom to be like a dark little cave where no light can enter (the vintage velvet curtains help with that) but once the new wallpaper went up I decided to paint the room the whitest white possible. The room felt like it wanted to be clean and crisp. So crisp it is. 🙂

The wallpaper and I had a long debate. At first I wanted it at the head of the bed so when you walked into the room it’s the first thing you saw … but wallpaper reminded me that what I originally wanted was to lay in bed and look at the wallpaper. So wallpaper prevailed!
I’m quite pleased with how it all turned out. I still have to find some art-work that I can hang above the bed… but it has to be something earthquake proof. I live in fear of The Big One and want something that won’t impale me while I sleep. Any thoughts?

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