Arty Farty Day

We went to look at dino bones today. What a beautiful place…

Then walked through Central Park to get to The Met

This place is so big… we got a wheel chair and Gerry drove me around. I was so tired. My feet are flatter then a pancake from all the walking.

And there you have a Pollock

And a Van Gough you know… just hanging there like it’s no big whoop.

Then we hit the Guggenheim What a collection. … but jesus. What a building. I can’t even explain how amazing the building is from the inside.

Gerry and I were famished so we went to Candle Cafe for a quick appy before we met Erica and Sara from Moo Shoes for dinner.

Ahhhhh Nyc. This pile is all recycling. Good for you New York!

The food at Candle 79 was insane…

Time for bed. No time for words.

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