Many of you know how obsessed with Aquafit I am. I’ve been doing daily Aquafit for more then a year now … it makes me feel AMAZING!  🙂

10986315_441021006050866_1535577127_nI am still dealing with collateral damage from cancer treatment.  I have lingering pain from chemo and my brief dance with the devil that is Tamoxifen. I still wake up every single day with stiff claw-like hands, sore knees, ankles and toes.

It’s a bummer … but I tell ya, the second my body hits the water at the pool – I feel immediate relief. The hour program that I do at the Y makes me feel amazing and takes away all my aches and pains. Not just for the hour I am doing it but it informs the rest of the day.

Gives me energy and makes me feel STRONG!! Yippee!

Aquafit has a bad wrap as being “easy” or for seniors but I can tell you from experience that Aquafit is what you make if it. You can have an easy time floating around and wave your arms up and down like a palm tree or you can get a serious work-out by manipulating and sculpting the water with your body. It’s all in how hard you want to train.

I’ve recently taken the Y’s Fitness Leadership Training program and am working towards becoming a certified Aquafit instructor. My goal is to volunteer to teach the Aquafit portion of the Encore Program that I’ve been a part of this last year. I’ve learned so much from Encore and now that I am on the other side of cancer treatment I feel that it’s time to give back.

I’m so excited to move into the next step of learning how to teach Aquafit. Yippee!

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  1. David Miller says:

    YIPPEE indeed!

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