April update

Well it’s been a really busy 2008 so far …

As most of you know I was involved with The Vagina Monologues in Feb and while performing the play in front of 900+ people every night was a thrill of a life time, the icing on the vegan cake was that we managed to raise $30 000 for The Woman’s Transition House here in Victoria. Woo hoo!

I’ve also been busy working on Vegan A Go-Go! and it’s coming along and looking good. The new cover was revealed recently and I’m so happy with it.

My deadlines are looming so I am panicking a little but that’s par for the course when you write cookbooks. As far as I know VAGG will be hitting the shelves in Sept and I’ll be hitting the road and hopefully coming to a town near you to promote the book.

On Friday April 12th I’m heading off to Denver Co for Denver Veg Fest I will be performing at 3pm and I hope to see all you Denver-ites there. If any of you have any “Denver Tips” please send them my way. I’ve never been to Denver before and I’m excited.

That’s it for now.
See ya’ll in Denver.

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  1. ipnotika says:

    Until now, I’ve just lurked on your fabulous website, but I must pipe up — Denver! Of course, it *would* be a weekend when I’m out of town. /pout Anyway. There is a lovely restaurant called Watercourse (on 17th between Emerson and Carlson, about a mile away from the Ritz Carlton) with vegan entrees and milkshakes (with coconut milk) and sundry baked goods and all kinds of yum. Oooh, I just looked at the website for the veg fest and Watercourse Foods is a major sponsor. Go figure. 🙂

    Of course, there is a fabulous museum (have to pimp it, as I work there) with a spanking new wing, and lovely mountains to explore (if you head an hour north into the Boulder area or west into the foothills).

    These are a few of my favourite things…


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