A few things…

So I ran out today to get a few things I need for Denver. One of them being a new pair of pajamas. Traditional pajamas (pants & top) make me feel claustrophobic and being nude makes me feel too vulnerable.

Enter The Night Shirt.

Here’s my question. Why is it so hard to find a decent night shirt. Either they’re too sheer, too matronly or too ugly. Why can’t they make a nice plain night shirt in black or red … or pink leopard even. Why the cute ducks? Or the frilly arms? Or the roses and lace? My choices are to look like a 90year old woman or a 12 year old girl. Ugh.

I finally found a plain-ish shirt that’s blue and has a puppy on the front. It says “puppy love”. It’s mortifying but at least nobody but Gerry will see it.

Secondly. This is something that’s been happening to me for the last few weeks but I’ve been too scared to talk about it. Ready??

I’m being haunted by Bono. I know. It’s terrifying. Everywhere I go either I see Bono (on tv, ad, poster) or hear Bono. Every store I go into. Bono. Every time I turn on the radio. Bono. Muzak. Bono. Dreams. Bono. Shirts. Bono. Even shopping for pajamas I heard Bono.

Is the universe trying to tell me something? Am I going to meet Bono? Is he going to introduce me to Oprah so I can FINALLY get on her show? Or is he planning something sinister? I’m scared.

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