Zu Boutique thinks I'm fancy!!

Zu Boutique (Davey Havok‘s t-shirt company) sent me a bunch of t-shirts to my mailbox the other day and they’re hilarious. Yesterday I wore my Suffering Shirt and I’ve never had a message shirt cause such a commotion! I had 3 different strangers as me about what it meant and I told them “It’s to remind you that every time you eat an ice-cream cone a cow suffers. Oh yeah. And also to remind you that there’s pus in your ice cream.

The looks on their faces. So funny. It’s like I broke their hearts … Is it terrible to feel good about that?

Today I’ll be wearing my “It’s Alive” shirt which is obviously based on the classic and brilliant scene in the movie Better of Dead.

I checked out the website and I love the Hot-Dog shirt. I wish they had one in my size … because I’d snap it up!!

Thanks Zu Boutique for the swag!

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  1. monika says:

    I HAVE to have that burger shirt! Everyone thinks I’m nuts for liking that (very dated!) part of the movie. It’s awesome, along with the rest of it!

  2. The Cooking Lady says:

    I teach cooking to my homeschool group. And this year we went vegan (Thanks to many of your recipes). But anyhow, we talked about honey and I asked them if they knew what honey was, and they answered with all thee obviuous choices.

    But when I told them it was bee vomit, the look on thier faces was priceless.

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