Zu Boutique thinks I'm fancy!!

Zu Boutique (Davey Havok‘s t-shirt company) sent me a bunch of t-shirts to my mailbox the other day and they’re hilarious. Yesterday I wore my Suffering Shirt and I’ve never had a message shirt cause such a commotion! I had 3 different strangers as me about what it meant and I told them “It’s to remind you that every time you eat an ice-cream cone a cow suffers. Oh yeah. And also to remind you that there’s pus in your ice cream.

The looks on their faces. So funny. It’s like I broke their hearts … Is it terrible to feel good about that?

Today I’ll be wearing my “It’s Alive” shirt which is obviously based on the classic and brilliant scene in the movie Better of Dead.

I checked out the website and I love the Hot-Dog shirt. I wish they had one in my size … because I’d snap it up!!

Thanks Zu Boutique for the swag!

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