Gerry and I went to Lucky Bar the other night for a fundraiser for Frontline Films. Brian is making a new zombie movie soon and needs mad cash to make fake blood with. He is also looking for zombies and other people who can help with the movie… so if you’re in the Victoria area and you think this might be for you… Contact him via his website.

Bettina shook her assets at the show and I captured some great photos. You can view them HERE but if you don’t like naked ladies… then don’t follow that link. Cause… they’re pretty close to being naked.

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  1. Me says:

    If I had assets like Bettina I’d be shaking them all the time! Sounds like the show would have been a blast!

    Unfortunately I’m in the land of west jet delayed flights (Edmonton) so I can’t become a zombie. However, I’ve emailed a number of people I know who live in Vic and passed on the links to your site and to your friend Brian’s. Hopefully some of them will be turned into the undead and be immortalized forever on film!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    who doesn’t like naked ladies?

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