Gerry came home a few weeks ago with an iPad and I’m in love with it. I thought the iPad was just a big iPhone and didn’t see the need to get one UNTIL NOW! 🙂

While it’s very similar to iPhone there are so many things I can do on an iPad that I find frustrating on an iPhone. Like READING! I can skim items with an iPhone but with my old-lady eyes I find reading anything of substance on the phone too difficult.

I also didn’t think I’d like reading on an iPad (I have a hard time reading large amounts of text on a computer because my eyes get tired) but it’s sooooo different on the ipad. I’ve already read 2 books using iReader this month!! I think that’s more books then I read last year! I do feel like I’m cheating on my paper books … but … 🙂

Since I have this very expensive piece of glass now … I’ve been looking for a good protective case for iPad and found ZAGGmate! Actually …  Jane Wiedlin tweeted that she had one and I wondered what it was and looked it up … Wowie Kazowie is it ever cool.

The case is only one-sided and the iPad fits snuggly into the case. It’s super low-profile and it’s held together with internal magnets (I think) and protects the glass.

When you want to use it you just pull the iPad and the ZAGGmate apart and voila!

You can see here that on the inside of the ZAGGmate cover there is a keyboard. Whaaaat?

My only complaint about the iPad is how weird/difficult it is to type large amounts of text with the screen-keypad and ZAGGmate has solved that. Genius!

To use the ZAGGmate you pull up a tiny tab and rest your iPad on the keyboard …

And then you can use it vertically like a computer …

Or horizontally.

They keyboard connects to your iPad using the Bluetooth connection … it’s such a cool idea!

This is NOT a commercial. *laugh* I just thought it was a really cool product that some of you fellow iPad friends might like. What are some of your favourite apps? Do you use your ipad in the kitchen to look at cookbooks? I’m scared to bring it anywhere near water or knives.  🙂

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