What a crazy couple of days… just when I thought I had nothing left to blog, my life gets busy.

Yesterday our friend Munk and his girlfriend Sam gave us a lovely present before they left back for Vancouver. A DIY ice swan making kit!! HOW FREAKING COOL!! I forgot to make a stand for the swan so it sat in a baking tray… not very sexy but a fun centerpiece anyway. We ate the tomato peanut soup from LDV and were SO STUFFED by the end that we could hardly eat dessert… but we managed. 🙂
Today Gerry and I were very crafty. We devised a rack for my photography paper to hang when I shoot in my studio. I haven’t done any photography since we moved in here … so I’m jonesing to break my new studio in!!
And what to do with left-over wallpaper?? Well I re-covered one of the dining room chairs with it. 1 down. 3 more to go.
All in all it was a fun crafty day with hubby… And Fergus? He watched us from his abode.

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  1. E.K. Wimmer says:

    I can’t believe your dog has one of those huts. I want to get Bumblebee a princess castle with a mote.

  2. stacy o. says:

    where did you get that dog castle??? zeus and athena are so deprived!!!

  3. miranda says:

    let me know if/when you get some time to do some photos for the band!


  4. dawn frary says:

    Those strawberries look F-ing beautiful. I think strawberries are the most attractive of all the fruits. They are SO RED and luscious-looking.

    Also, I love the paper rolls for your studio. And the giant photo of Fergus.

    Good post, all-around!

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