You Don't Know Jack

Watched You Don’t Know Jack last night …

Al Pacino is great as the quirky Jack Kevorkian and hopefully this movie will re-spark the debate about Physician-Assisted Suicide.

Brenda Vaccaro plays Jack’s sister and is fabulous! I love her so much. Whenever I have a scratchy voice I walk around saying “I’m Brenda Vaccaro for Playtex Tampons.” … it makes me laugh but nobody but me seems to remember her as the pitch woman for Platex. Not even youtube has her commercial … am I crazy? Or did she do tampon commercials?

If you get a chance to watch the movie – I recommend it. It has the perfect amount of pathos, humour and thoughtful dialogue on such a difficult subject. I think it will have you and your family talking about what your wishes are for a dignified death and having that conversation is an important one to have now instead of later.

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  1. Jenn says:

    I checked it out recently as well – great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed Pacino in this film. Very well done. I read that the original VW ‘death van’ was on ebay recently but pulled off as ebay doesn’t sell ‘murder paraphernalia’. Interesting tidbit.

  2. Maggie says:

    Important movie indeed. Haven’t seen it yet but will. I sat at the bedside of my mother as she morphed into a shell of a human being over a 15 year struggle with Alzheimer’s while her heart and vagus nerve alone kept her lingering in the land of the living. Surely assisted suicide should be a legal option for people who indicate ahead of time for themselves what conditions they would consider intolerable and incompatible with full human life.

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