Yay for surprises!!

I got a message this weekend from my lovely friend Greg that he and his girlfriend were popping into Victoria for 24 hours and were we available to hang out? The answer? HELLS YES!!

Greg is one of my most favourite people in the world … not only is he the singer in my favourite 90’s hardcore band! But he’s a fantastic juggler, incredible keynote speaker,  filmmaker AND he’s the sweetest guy on top of it all.

Greg and Zoe arrived into town and we wandered downtown showing them the sights. Zoe had never been here before and it was exciting to show her Victoria and to see it through her fresh eyes. We took them into the touristy part of town (that I normally avoid like the plague) and had a great time looking at boats, checking out the different stalls that sell handmade crafts and checking out the scenery.

I always see Victoria so differently when I’m showing it to out of towners …

Then we saw a giant yellow anus…

Which turned out to be a lemonade stand. Phew! 🙂

We stopped on The Causeway to watch a street performer’s juggling act.

Greg was checking out his moves…

I was secretly hoping Greg would show off his skills for the crowd…  🙂

Went for dinner at Futaba (forgot to take photos because I was too busy stuffing my face) and then hung out at our house talking about old times. I ALMOST pulled out the photo album full of pictures from Trials 1997 tour which Gerry was the roadie for – but I didn’t want to bore Zoe to death with too many “remember when” stories. 🙂

When bed-time rolled around we were POOPED! Including Fergus. He could barely keep his eyes open.

It was a lovely surprise to have them come visit and a truly wonderful day. My only complaint was that the visit wasn’t long enough!! But that’s the rub of a good friend … they always leave you wanting more. 🙂

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