X-mas morning was such a nice day…

…mostly because we don’t do anything remotely x-massy! Ha! We slept in. Had Apple Pie pancakes from La Dolce Vegan. Lay around in our pajamas digesting our food and then around 1pm we met our friends Sly, Stu and their new rescue greyhound dog M for a walk.

M and Fergus are falling in love … he’s traded in his old girlfriend for a newer faster model.  🙂

We walked all the way down to the ocean and back home … the sun was shining and people were out in droves. It was a glorious day!

We got home (exhausted) and ate a quick lunch. Fergus immediately went to sleep (those little legs traveled far) and Gerry and I met Auntie Bonnie for our annual “Let’s get away from the x-mas freaks and go see a movie” afternoon. Both theaters were packed with like-minded people.  🙂

First we went to see It’s Complicated with Meryle Streep and I quite enjoyed it. It’s nice to see a romantic comedy that involves people over 40 … I laughed a lot. This movie was exactly what I wanted – light, frothy and fun and Alec Baldwin really went all out (literally) in this one.

Then we went to see Sherlock Holmes with RDJ and Jude (I’m too sexy for this mustache) Law. It was a fun movie and Guy Ritchie did a good job of reinventing Holmes into a action movie … but like all Guy Ritchie movies it was 30 minutes too long. The downside of this movie? Robert Downey’s accent was terrible and kept changing from scene to scene and the worst part was his diction. My Dad is an actor and I grew up in the theater and I have a pet-peeve about diction. You MUST enunciate your words so the audience can understand you … especially when you’re doing an accent that’s not your own. While I enjoyed Sherlock I didn’t enjoy it as much as It’s Complicated. Maybe it’s because we had been sitting in a dark theater for too long at that point … but I was READY for Sherlock to be over about 45 minutes before it ended.

Gerry worked yesterday and I puttered around the house putting things away (this house gets so dirty when Gerry is around) and preparing the kitchen ceiling to be painted (yes it’s almost time to paint).

Gerry’s parents are in town today so we’re going to do some  hanging out with them … it’s been almost a year since we saw them last (bad kids) so I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with them.  🙂

How was your holiday? Did you get a 2010 Go Vegan calendar? Did you take VAGG with you to your family’s house and blow them away with your culinary skills?

I want to hear all about it …

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