So we recently sold the rights to HIAV to a UK publisher … their plan was to change the measurements to UK measurements so the book would be more appealing to a wider European audience – thus sell more etc etc. Sounded like a good idea.

Well I recently got a letter from a buddy asking why the cover was different in the UK. I went to to look and check out the cover they’ve decided to use people!! How freaking horrible is this?? My 12 year old niece could do something more creative with MS Paint! So pissed … so I e-mailed my publisher (bless his heart) and he check with the Grub Street Publishing to see what was up. This was their response:

“Yes, it is our final cover. Sorry to hear Sarah doesn’t like it, we’ve had very positive reactions here from the trade and key accounts and no one has said they don’t like it. We obviously did not feel we could go with your design since the authors are not known here and no one puts photos of authors on the front covers of cookbooks unless they are TV chefs.”

Huh? How does that make any sense? Why mess with success?

I can’t believe that I’ve been working this hard for 10+ years to end up with a shitty cover like this. I feel sick to my stomach. It looks like it should be sold at the dollar bin in Costco.

The only thing that makes me feel better about this cluster-f*ck of events is that at least I’m not alone. Look what Grubb street did to Isa’s amazing book. 🙁

If I had known they could change the flavour of HIAV … I would have said no. I’m so heartbroken.

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