I had a fantastic nights sleep… I think it was all because of Fergus. He stuck to me like glue all night and with Gerry on the other side of me I was a Sarah Sandwich. Paralyzed and unable to move… I slept solid until about 9am today.

Thank you for all your pms suggestions. I’m gonna try that Yogi tea today. 🙂

I shot some photos for The Uno festival yesterday (using my friend Champagne Sparkles as a model). Can’t show you the photos (so here’s a photo of her from a different session)… but when the posters for the festival are all done, I’ll post that. Yay a paying gig!!

I also shot some photos for The Business Examiner a little while back. Those photos are going to be used in bus shelters around town. I’m so excited you have no idea!! Yay. Another paying gig!!

It’s our day off today… so Gerry and I are going to the hardware store! YAY!! We’re gonna do some minor renos to the shop, so we gotta shop for drywall etc. Oh dear… I see painting more red walls in my future. Ugh.

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  1. KleoPatra says:

    I’m glad yer feelin’ better!


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