Working out …

What are the rules about working out after a head cold? Should I wait till I’m 100% snot free? I just started feeling better a few days ago but I’m dying to start sweating to the oldies again…

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  1. E.K. says:

    This photo put me over the edge!

  2. Miranda says:

    god, i wish i WANTED to go to the gym. if i get sick i just count it as a valid excuse not to go!

    as far as germ spreading, i would say if you’re not blowing your nose every few minutes and you clean your equipment nobody should care.

  3. The Veg Next Door says:

    If anything is “off” above the throat then you’re ok to work out so if it’s just a cold then hit the gym.

  4. likeavalleygirl says:

    [So, on a strange note, my word verification is “sicks”.]

    I would do some light stretching and maybe some light walking. You don’t want to over exert yourself since your energy is going to healing your body. Yoga may also be a good exercise. It is fairly therapeutic and works well to get the blood pumping. I would stay away from anything that makes you sweat a lot-especially if it’s cold in your area.


  5. The Cooking Lady says:

    I waited til I was 2 days snot free. I had my first walk today. Me, daughter and Tippy…pit-bull mix.

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