I booked my tickets!

At the end of May I am headed to Toronto (to visit some friends) then to London UK (to visit family) and while I’m in London I’ll be doing a personal appearance on May 27th at SSOV Headquarters better known as VX.

Then I’ll be jetting to NYC (to go shopping at MooShoes) to see The Go-Go’s play a couple of their NY tour dates.

I’m such a jet-setter.  🙂

I’m nervous and excited and nervous and excited … all wrapped up in a package of fear. *laugh* I have a mild phobia of jet-lag. Seriously. Being tired really freaks me out so this flight over to the UK has me in a bit of a tizzy. I know I can take pills or tinctures and all that but none of it squashes the fear of being tired.

I gotta talk to my therapist about this at my next session.  🙂

But I am VERY excited to see my family in London. I haven’t seen them since 1986 when I was a sullen bitchy teenager.

My plan is to spend as much time with my family as I can while I’m there … but if any of you have any “must see” or “must eat” tips for me about London – I am all ears!

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