Yeah yeah… it’s hot. Everyone’s complaining about it and now it’s my turn. It’s TOO HOT! Ugh. I feel like I’m melting. To make matters sweatier – the elevator in our building is broken … I’m so thankful I don’t live on a higher floor!

Poor Fergus has been feeling the worst of the heat because of his shaggy poodle coat so I booked him (and his girlfriend Suzy) an appointment at Top Dog (the best groomers in Victoria) to get a good summer cut. With their new short-coats – they were so happy to sit in front of the air-conditioning vent on the drive home … Ha. They were totally blissed out!

No wonder Fergus is madly in love with Suzy. Look at those eyes!! 🙂DSC04858Things have been pretty quiet around The Kramer house lately… it’s been nice. I’ve been trying to “bliss out” like the dogs and just enjoy the cool breezes in life and not get so wrapped up in the future.

Although … I’ve secretly been working on a 2011 Calendar with Rudee and Gerry so the future is already in the works. *laugh*

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  1. wendy says:

    Yup, that Fergie’s got great taste in girly dogs!
    Thanks for the pickles – I don’t want to open them as they look so great just in their jar!

  2. leslie says:

    Those happy dogs made me laugh!

  3. Holly says:

    Send some of that heat over to us in Manitoba! We’re having a lousy summer. 🙁

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