I had a wonderful day off with The Hubby the other day. We went and had pedicures!!
He got his manly toes buffed.
I had mine polished.
A good time was had by all thanks to my Auntie Bonnie and cousins for the wonderful spa gift certificate they gave me for my birthday.

We also had a lovely dinner. Portobello Mushroom burgers, potato salad, corn chips and for dessert … some fresh figs.
Then in the evening our fantastical wonderful friends Stu and Sly popped over after their weekended getaway to Seattle and they brought us home some Mighty O Donuts. Drrooooool. They were all gone in about 30 seconds.
To say I was full … dear lord. I think it might be time for a fast. *laugh*

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2 Responses to Wonderful…

  1. Carol says:

    mmmmm…figs! Where do you buy your figs from?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I want some vegan doughnuts! I wonder where I could find them in St. Louis…


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