Woe is me…

Still no sink.
Called Ikea again. 45 minute wait. After talking to 3 different people I finally asked to talked to the manager. Almost lost my shit … tried really hard not to swear and to just be polite but assertive. I told her I was told my sink would arrive on Monday. She said that nobody at Ikea ever promises when/times that things will be delivered. I told her I was promised… and that the mis-communication with Ikea has been a disaster from day one. etc. etc. blah blah blah.

She apologized etc. etc. blah blah blah.

Anywhoo…Purolator has picked up my sink and it is in transit. I have the tracking number… and all it tells me is that it’s in transit. Great. Just great.

Suck it Ikea.

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3 Responses to Woe is me…

  1. simplehiker says:

    The US mobile carrier Sprint should combine customer service with Ikea to form a evil empire of shit customer service. No one is ever in-charge, nothing ever get fixed, but they sure say they are sorry alot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have an entire Ikea kitchen. When I ordered it, it took about 2 hours because they have to create a list of every single piece you need. Not just the obvious things like counter tops and cupboards, but each little leg and kick plate and hook. Well, the kitchen “kit” is delivered and I’m on the clock with the handy-guy. Hey, where the heck is the patented Ikea wall bar that the whole fricking kitchen is built around? Why, it’s back in the store with all the other bits they forgot! The handy-guy isn’t able to do a blessed thing until the magic bar arrives. I finally get all the pieces in one place, get the kitchen installed (it looks great, eventually, I must grudgingly admit) and look around. What is all this extra stuff? Who knows but I end up getting over a $1,000 in refunds for all the stuff I returned. So, I was left wondering….what did they actually do for those two hours I was hanging around? They sure as heck weren’t making a list and checking it twice.

    Keep your chin up,

  3. holly says:

    What is with these corporate companies saying, “Nobody here at ________ is to give an estimate on when things will be delivered/fixed/whatever.” Basically, they just don’t want to take much, if any, responsibility.

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