Wills Vegan Shoes

OH BOY!! Oh boy! OH BOY!! I just took advantage of their FREE SHIPPING and got 2 pairs of shoes from Wills London Shoes and they are SO GREAT!!

11356626_1030444296980675_1865835043_nI am always a little nervous buying shoes on the internet but Wills has free shipping and an easy return policy  – so I bought a pair of black faux suede low sneakers.

They fit like slippers and I didn’t have to break them in. I put them on and took Fergus for a walk. Really nicely made shoes. I’m going to be wearing these for a long time …

I also HAD to get a pair of these Navy Blue Oxfords. I mean … I HAD to have them. They have quickly become my new favourite shoes. Comfort is everything to me when it comes to shoes and these fit the bill. Comfortable. Beautiful. And zero break-in time. I wear them for hours and my feet never get sore. Plus I get compliments every time I wear these out.  🙂

Guess what?? I asked Wills if they wanted to do a give-away and they said YES!! So let’s do a fun contest!!

Try and guess how many pairs of shoes are in my closet … 🙂
Post your answer below (one guess per person).

I will announce a winner on Sept 9th at 12noon. The person closest to the correct answer will win a FREE PAIR of Wills Vegan Shoes!! Hint:  I don’t have as many shoes as you think I do.  🙂

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49 Responses to Wills Vegan Shoes

  1. Michelle Bodner says:

    I guess 13 pairs – a baker’s dozen 😉

  2. Josh Blacker says:

    21 + these 2 awesome pairs + 23 pairs

  3. Joe Nelson says:

    I’m gonna go with an even 20.

  4. Sara Koenig says:

    I think you have 6 pairs of shoes, and I love your stripey socks! 🙂

  5. Stephanie says:

    I guess 6 pairs

  6. Megan Thomas says:

    200 pairs of vegan shoes!

  7. Karen says:

    I guess 17 pairs.

  8. tanyahalvorson@hotmail.com says:

    I guess 9 pairs ?!?! 🙂

  9. Tom says:

    I’m guessing 30 pairs.

  10. Betsy says:

    I’ll say 8!

  11. Sophie says:

    I love Wills shoes! I guess 8 🙂

  12. Chris Hold says:

    Those oxfords are real nice.

    (I’m going to guess 16 pairs.)

  13. Graeme says:

    I think 15.

  14. Sue says:

    I’d say 27 pairs!

  15. kdurham@live.com.au says:

    i guess 34 pairs 🙂

  16. Luci says:

    I guess 17 pairs 🙂

  17. Amber T says:

    I’m saying 17.

  18. Magenta says:

    I’ll guess 19 pairs!

  19. Hilary says:

    I love those navy blue oxfords! My guess is 11.

  20. Terri Burke says:

    I’m guessing 24 pairs!

  21. Carolynn says:

    I am going to guess 5 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of sandals and 2 pairs of boots for a total of 9!!:)
    Love your blog by the way!

  22. emily says:

    I’m gonna say 9!

  23. Michelle Herritt says:

    After going thru your IG feed, then every # that had to do with being out of the house I determine 14 pairs… what I couldn’t account for in my “research” is if you sold/ got rid of any. 🙂

  24. Larissa says:

    My guess is 37!

  25. Jennifer says:

    I am guessing 23 pairs of shoes. I think it is funny reading all these guesses! I was going to guess low, but I know the amount of shoes I own and the amount of shoes I wear are totally different. XD

  26. Carolynn says:

    Love your Blog!!!
    I’m going to guess 5 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs sandals and 2 pairs of boots for a total of 9!

  27. Carolynn says:

    Sorry, didn’t see my answer from day before. Thought it didn’t send.
    I’m not sending multiple guesses;)

  28. Jules says:

    I want to say 18.

  29. Sue says:

    I’m going with 14! 🙂

  30. Jacquie says:

    I’m going to guess 26. All completely fabulous, of course! 😉

  31. Heather Popa says:

    I’m guessing 14 pairs.

  32. Tasha Schermerhorn says:

    16 pairs!

  33. Cee says:

    Hmm, what about 10?

  34. Smak says:

    Am I too late? I’ll say 12! My Hubby’s birthday!

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