Will wonders never cease?

My pal Boy-Wonder just wrote the sweetest thing on his flickr page and accompanied it with a very creative photo.

I’ve been a vegetarian for the past 6 years and have slowly been transitioning to a fully Vegan diet. It’s funny when I mention this to people they act like I must be a martian or something. Some people can’t fathom not eating meat let alone getting rid of dairy and eggs too, but for me it’s been an easy choice.

The biggest influence and support that I’ve received about this transition is from vegan cookbook author Sarah Kramer. Her books are absolutely without a doubt the best cookbooks I have ever owned. Every single recipe that she’s written has always turned out amazing and you would never guess that they were vegan. One of my favourites is her chocolate chip cookie recipe which I’ve made so many times I know the recipe by heart! Plus she is a wonderful person who is always open for discussion through email or facebook plus she’s an amazing photographer as well! I know it’s not for everyone but for me, the vegan diet is a tasty food adventure that I’m totally enjoying!

His photos are so unbelievablely inventive…. you really need to check out the rest of them over at his flickr page HERE.

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  1. christina mccarthy says:

    GIRL i LIVE off of your chocolate chip cookie recipe from hiav and my friends request them for any celebration or excuse for a celebration =)

  2. Jen says:

    Agreed on the cookie recipe! I made the people in my office taste test a ton of chocolate chip cookies so I could pick the best recipe. Sarah, yours won hands down! YUM!

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