Whirl wind day…

Got up early and hit The Moma. Looked at some art…
And some more art…
And some more art…
And some naughty art…
Then we hit the subway and headed to Red Bamboo for lunch. YUM! We had “fish sticks”.

And “buffalo wings”
And I had a salad. Gotta eat my greens! 🙂

Then we headed back uptown to hit some stores. I went to H&M and Gerry went to his favourite secret bookstore for tattoo reference.

We came back to the hotel and had a little rest and tried to decide where to eat dinner. Feeling like we overdid the “fake meat” meal earlier in the day we decided to eat raw. Couldn’t decide between Pure Food And Wine or Quintessence so we tossed a quarter and hit the subway again and headed to Quintessence.

What a lovely little restaurant. VERY small (maybe serves 20 people) … the food was fantastic.

We shared a Corn Tostada with Salsa & Sour Cream.
Gerry had the Spinach “Gnocchi” on Pasta Alfredo
And I had an Indian Platter.
For dessert we had a tester plate that had Pecan Pie, Banana Coconut Cream Pie, Tiramisu and Chia Seed Pudding.
What a great day. I’m so sad that tomorrow is our last day here… I wish we could stay for a month and really get to know this city.

Leigh took this “candid” photo of me during the book signing and I forgot to post it. I thought it was funny… I just can’t stop doing “The Fonzie”… what’s wrong with me??


Time for bed… I wanna be bright eyed and busy tailed for Dave tomorrow!

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  1. leigh says:

    so later that night, i made heather and her friend’s roommate do the double Fonz for my camera phone…everyone is addicted to the thumbs up!

  2. vko says:

    Hello Sarah

    I’m sorry I missed your event at MooShoes. Please let us know when you are scheduling your next trip to NYC!

    My Valentine’s day post was about Pure Food & Wine, but I think I have to check out both Quintessence and Red Bamboo- they both look yummy and I can’t believe I haven’t made it to either place yet.

    Think I will have to check it out this weekend.

    Will also see if I can get my cat to do the thumbs up for pics on my blog so that you will have created a vegan thumbs up trend!

  3. JJ says:

    yum. that indian platter looks soooo good.

  4. Kristy says:

    That food looks amazing…someone has to open a new vegan restaurant in Victoria. I can only eat so much Lotus Pond.

  5. Linda says:

    quintessence is my favorite place on earth, not to mention I’m lucky enough to live 1/2 a block from it; I don’t mean to gloat but being a vegetarian and living in the East Village does have it’s perks and reasons for gloating 🙂 Seeing that pic of their dessert platter makes me want to run over there this instant; it’s so amazing.

    did you know the owner is the subway masturbator? just a friendly bit of NY neighborhood info 🙂 google him – there were several articles, yet I still go. the food and atmosphere is too good not to!

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