Where is JAYDE??

I had my first big stress dream last night about the play.

Nobody knew where Jayde the director was and she had all the costumes. The Stage Manager was calling the wrong cues. The Assistant Director was yelling at me to go front row center when I knew that all my cues were coming from stage left. The music was all wrong … THE BAND on stage (huh? there is no band) took up most of the stage space. I tried to do my monologue but I forgot all my lines and I had to ad-lib through it and half the audience left the theater.

It was exhausting. I woke up this morning feeling like someone beat me up. Yeesh.


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  1. angelacf says:

    years after quitting the theatre I STILL have those dreams – lost backstage, calling the wrong show, all of that & naked too! I think it is good luck (in theatre they say everything is good or bad luck, right?)

  2. Maria Rose says:

    Stress dreams are rough. Tell you what, Yyu can borrow my dream. I had a dream of a boy in a green turtleneck sweater. He had the collar pulled half-way over his face and he absorbed nutrients through the collar.

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