Ho ho ho… whatever.

Have a good one to all of you who celebrate. For those of you who don’t… enjoy your time off. I know Fergus, Gerry and I already have our plans as to what to do x-mas day.

1. Sleep in
2. Lounge around the house in our pajamas
3. Waffles & soy sausages for breaky
4. Take Fergus for a long lovely walk
5. Hit Silver City for a matinée. I’m pushing for Rocky Balboa and I think Gerry is pushing for The Good Shepard (yawn). We’ll see who wins.
6. Come home, lounge some more
7. Eat dinner
8. Watch movies
9. Go to bed early
10. Nookie

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  1. raising_kahne says:

    What?? No yummy Christmas treats?! Im totally making cupcakes!

  2. Autumn says:

    nookie? um … i think what you meant to say was cookie. as in eat cookies. omg, this blog is so x-rated …

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