What a handsome fella I have…

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  1. jromer says:

    this is a beautiful photograph! did you take it?

  2. jromer says:

    well, i saw this photo and asked the question, then scrolled down and saw the other photos and can probably answer the question myself. oops.

  3. Sarah's Blog says:

    Yes I did!! 🙂

  4. Kramers says:

    Holy Moly. You’re not only kidding….
    What a looker!

  5. KleoPatra says:

    Beautiful shot; way to capture the sweetie.

  6. Amberly says:

    WOWSERS! WOWSER! What a freaking wicked shot!!! Tell that hubby of yours he is hot stuff, and give yourself a pat on the back for the photo! You must be the head of the photo class. You just keeping getting cooler-You are my idol!

  7. Amberly says:

    PS … Does he have a single younger brother?

  8. Sarah's Blog says:

    Ha ha ha. Yes.
    But you don’t want to go there…

  9. Kramers says:

    Ok… please remove this photo from your blog. Each time I come across it I get all flustered over Gerry. And he is my brother in law.
    This is not right….
    not right.

    Or maybe post more??


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