What to do??

So I have a tupperware container of stuffed animals. Not just any stuffed animals… but my childhood stuffies. I’ve gone through my collection several times over the years and carefully reduced my collection to the ones that are really special. You know… the ones that talk back to you when you smile at them. What? Is that just me?? Anyhoo… …What am I to do with these stuffies? Do I hang on to them till the day I die? I don’t have kids. I can’t imagine giving them to anyone. Do they have to live in tupperware waiting for the 1 time a year I take them out and look at them? Or do I put them on a shelf? Is it normal for a 40 year old woman to have stuffed animals? Well … nevermind. We all know I’m not normal in any way. Hmmmmm.

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