What the??

So I take Fergus for a walk and we stop at a few garage sales, sniff some bushes and cross the street to go home. As we pass by a corner store (with thoughts of buying a Mr.Freezy) Fergus stops to take a poop. Normally I try and steer him towards a private spot on the grass but when he has to go… he has to go. So, fine. I wait. I watch. I pick up his poo in my biodagradable poo bag and drop it in the garbage can in front of the store.

Suddenly a woman runs out of the store and starts muttering to herself in an Asian language that I’m not familiar with. I smile and walk away thinking she’s talking to herself or talking to someone in the store.

Then she points and me and starts YELLING in an Asian language I’m not familiar with and for obvious reasons I had no idea what she was talking about so I politely smile again and keep walking.

Then she starts HOLLERING at me in an Asian language I’m not familiar with as I walk away. For TWO WHOLE BLOCKS she just keeps yelling and yelling. I still have no idea what she was saying … so I keep walking.

Finally she yells in English “Hey! Crazy Lady! How dare you put your shit in my garbage!” Why didn’t she say that in the first place?? Unsure of what to do next, I quickly turned the corner and ran home.

I thought garbage cans were for garbage?

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