What it the world??

Have you noticed lately that fur is back in fashion? How did that happen? I was watching Fashion Television the other day and was disgusted to see SO MUCH fur on the runway. What the hell?

I’ve also noticed lately that the hipster kids are now wearing more fur (as well as feathers, leather and other animal products).


I’m sure it’s done in an ironic way (same as their ironic mustaches…) but irony or not …
Fur is a dead animal. Not cool. Ever.


I had a conversation in the car the other day with a friend about all the hard work “we” (in the vegan community) did in the 90’s to put pressure on the fashion industry to stop using fur. And more importantly to educate the buying public that fur was/is not fashionable at all – that it’s not a symbol of luxury but instead a symbol of abject cruelty.

Little side note. Did you know that the very first “We’d rather go naked than wear fur!” campaign in 1991 was done by The Go-Go’s? 🙂

The Go-Go's

These fab five ladies have always paved the way … but I digress … While 1991 doesn’t seem like that long ago to people my age – I realized that these dear sweet hipster kids were only 3 or 4 years old during the height of these campaigns. Did we forget to pass down our knowledge of the cruelty that happens to animals for food and fashion?

So what does that mean? Is it time to re-educate? How do we remind the hipsters (and the rest of the fashion community) that the hippest thing you can be is cruelty free?

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