What is wrong with my dog?

I have never met a dog who liked snow more than Fergus. He won’t walk on the path, but insists on walking through the snow bluffs. He never wants to come inside. He is LOVING the snow.

Then we have to come home and spend 20 minutes rinsing off the “snow balls” in the tub. *laugh*

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  1. Mizz Monster says:

    *hahaha* I was going to recommend getting a dogsled, by Fergus bounces too much 😉

  2. Victoria E says:

    Not a darn thing is wrong with him – he is awesome!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love Fergus! He’s so cute 🙂 Animals do weird things like that. Enjoy it.

  4. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    Simon loves the snow too and would also rather hop through drifts. He likes to stick his face right down into the snow as well.
    I think I’ve said this before, but I HAVE to tell you again…Fergus is just so friggin’ CUTE!

  5. Wiebke says:

    i love the videos!!! fergus is so funny.
    crazy snow…something’s really wrong, people here in new york are still walking around in t-shirts…

  6. jenny says:

    Fergus is so cute!! I can’t wait for it to snow here, Good Girl and George love to run around in it, too!

  7. shebytches says:

    this is hilarous, my dogs HATE the snow!!!!!!

    In Toronto we are still wearing fall jackets or hoodies!

    xo c

  8. Anonymous says:

    We used to spray PAM (actually the organic version) on our dog’s paws so she wouldn’t get snowballs stuck there, and it was fine if she wanted to lick her paws.

  9. kinziephoto says:

    those vids are hiliarious – heheh he hops like a bunny! I’ve never seen a dog enjoy snow that much!

  10. Celeste says:

    I think Fergus is the cutest dog on the planet. Don’t tell Dakota, the dog who lives with me.

  11. Little Dog says:

    Thank for this, i love your blog

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