What I did on my summer vacation – San Fran – part 6

I flew Virgin from Sea-Tac to San Fran. I’d never been on Virgin airlines before (insert virgin joke here…)

It felt like I was on a Studio 54 airplane …

My pal Jimmy came and picked me up from the airport and got me settled at the house. There was a lot of dog canoodling going on … 🙂

Malcom and Angus are amazing dogs. Jane calls them the 2-headed Hydra and it’s an apt name. They seem to do everything in unison. I hope one day they can hang out with Fergus. I think the planet might explode with awesomeness if they met.  🙂

I grabbed Peanut as my sleeping buddy and went to bed early. Tomorrow was going to be a long day/evening and I wanted to be in fine form.

Got up early and marveled at the fog … SF. I love you.

Then I started working on brunch with Jane’s sister. She was making a big brunch for friends/family and I was in charge of chopping fruit!! I also made a green smoothie for everyone to drink (bananas + spinach + water = yum).

The spread was awesome and Meg very kindly made sure that the Nicoise salad was vegan friendly and put the non-vegan items on a separate plate. What a doll. 🙂

We ate. We laughed. We canoodled with the dogs.

It was a perfect way to spend some time with friends.  🙂

Then it was time to head down to the Fillmore for sound-check!! I met up with my friend Arnold and we hung out in one of the boxes and watched rehearsal. We watched them work on the sound – and once the sound was perfect the ladies started working on a new arrangement for Mother’s Little Helper.

Every tour they do a different cover song and this year is a wicked version of the Rolling Stone classic Mother’s Little Helper. I guess they wanted to change up the drums for the SF show and they worked on the song for about 20 minutes. I kept pinching Arnold because how often do you get to watch the GG’s work on a song?? 🙂

The concert was fantastic. I was having camera issues and only managed to record one song … it’s the opening song and how funny is it that the ladies walk on stage to “hot blooded”. *laugh*

The great fun of having an all-access pass is that I can wander just about anywhere and watch the show so I made my way all around the theater and watched from a bunch of different vantage points.

So so fun. 🙂

I also got to have a good look at a Jason Mecier’s mosiac mural of BATB. What a crazy piece of art!! Made with all of the GG’s junk!! Toothbrushes, sleeping masks, mascara tubes, etc. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had a spare $2000 hanging around.  🙂

I fell into bed with the sounds of We Got The Beat still pounding in my ears … what does tomorrow bring? OH YEAH! Another flight. This one to LA for the GG’s show at The Greek! 🙂


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2 Responses to What I did on my summer vacation – San Fran – part 6

  1. James Sainsbury says:

    I felt compelled to write to you because I find your use of the term “molesting” jarring in an otherwise excellent blog that preaches animal rights and sensitivity training to Victoria City Hall. I appreciate that it can mean benign pestering, but in Canada, and much of the English speaking world, the term has significantly more sinister connotations implying sexual assault. I assume you are attempting to use the term in a humorous manner, but such flippant references to sexual assault are both tasteless and seem somewhat at odds to your own sensitivity as an attack survivor. If this is your intention then all power to you, but if it is not, just a heads up to give your phraseology some thought.


    • Sarah says:

      You’re right. Language is powerful and I forget that sometimes … I”ve changed my posts that use that word and it now says canoodle. Thank you for writing me. 🙂

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