What I did on my summer vacation – San Fran – part 6

I flew Virgin from Sea-Tac to San Fran. I’d never been on Virgin airlines before (insert virgin joke here…)

It felt like I was on a Studio 54 airplane …

My pal Jimmy came and picked me up from the airport and got me settled at the house. There was a lot of dog canoodling going on … 🙂

Malcom and Angus are amazing dogs. Jane calls them the 2-headed Hydra and it’s an apt name. They seem to do everything in unison. I hope one day they can hang out with Fergus. I think the planet might explode with awesomeness if they met.  🙂

I grabbed Peanut as my sleeping buddy and went to bed early. Tomorrow was going to be a long day/evening and I wanted to be in fine form.

Got up early and marveled at the fog … SF. I love you.

Then I started working on brunch with Jane’s sister. She was making a big brunch for friends/family and I was in charge of chopping fruit!! I also made a green smoothie for everyone to drink (bananas + spinach + water = yum).

The spread was awesome and Meg very kindly made sure that the Nicoise salad was vegan friendly and put the non-vegan items on a separate plate. What a doll. 🙂

We ate. We laughed. We canoodled with the dogs.

It was a perfect way to spend some time with friends.  🙂

Then it was time to head down to the Fillmore for sound-check!! I met up with my friend Arnold and we hung out in one of the boxes and watched rehearsal. We watched them work on the sound – and once the sound was perfect the ladies started working on a new arrangement for Mother’s Little Helper.

Every tour they do a different cover song and this year is a wicked version of the Rolling Stone classic Mother’s Little Helper. I guess they wanted to change up the drums for the SF show and they worked on the song for about 20 minutes. I kept pinching Arnold because how often do you get to watch the GG’s work on a song?? 🙂

The concert was fantastic. I was having camera issues and only managed to record one song … it’s the opening song and how funny is it that the ladies walk on stage to “hot blooded”. *laugh*

The great fun of having an all-access pass is that I can wander just about anywhere and watch the show so I made my way all around the theater and watched from a bunch of different vantage points.

So so fun. 🙂

I also got to have a good look at a Jason Mecier’s mosiac mural of BATB. What a crazy piece of art!! Made with all of the GG’s junk!! Toothbrushes, sleeping masks, mascara tubes, etc. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had a spare $2000 hanging around.  🙂

I fell into bed with the sounds of We Got The Beat still pounding in my ears … what does tomorrow bring? OH YEAH! Another flight. This one to LA for the GG’s show at The Greek! 🙂


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