What a lovely day!!

It was my birthday yesterday!! Don’t know how you could miss it … I’ve been doing a twitter count-down for the last week.  🙂

As soon as I woke up Gerry handed me a large box and when I opened it I found an Olympus E-PL1 ! HOLY CRAP! I’ve been coveting this camera for a while and I guess Gerry’s been paying attention. *laugh* He’s a good husband.

I lay around in bed all morning fiddling with all the camera settings (this camera has almost too many functions) and then Fergus came into the room and gave me the “If you don’t take me outside to pee soon … I’m going to piss myself” face.

So we hit the road and headed towards Mount Doug. We went there last weekend and only made it part-way up so my goal for the day was to get to the top and have a picnic.

It was a gray day yesterday – but I was kind of glad. I don’t do well in the heat and I get sun-sick pretty easily so hiking on a coolish day was purrrrfect. We took a different trail this time and didn’t realize that it went STRAIGHT UP instead of kind of meandering to the top like the trail we took last weekend. We got about halfway to the top and I had to take a wee rest. Plus the view was spectacular!

The trail started to get smaller and smaller and I thought maybe we were lost – but our trusty lead dog Fergus knew the way.

Fergus got us to the top and we sat down exhausted. Fergus on the other hand was RARING to go… he had no time to relax, he wanted to run around more. Where this little 13lb dog’s energy comes from … I’ll never know.  🙂

But Fergus had to wait because we wanted to take in the 360* view you get at the top and it is spectacular! It was such an overcast day I couldn’t get a good photo … but if you ever come to visit you must drive (or hike) to the top and check it out.

We decided to walk the winding road back down (which after climbing straight up a jagged hill was kind of hard – my knees were screaming).

On the way down we passed by this guy who was running up with a CAR TIRE attached to him with a rope.

I was feeling pretty good about my fitness until we passed him. *laugh* We came home, stretched, had a giant glass of water and all 3 of us collapsed on the bed and had a wicked nap.

But my day wasn’t over yet … the plan was to nap, go for dinner and then hit up the local karaoke bar like we did last year. It was so much fun to sing/scream at the top of our lungs that I wanted to do it again but by the time Gerry and I finished our meal at Futaba

…we were practically falling asleep in our Goma-ae.  🙂

It was a wonderful day. I have many blessings in my life, too many to count in one blog post …

I am so thankful for this life I have with Gerry. For Fergus. For my family and for my family of friends but after today’s adventure to the top of Mount Doug – I am so thankful to have a body that is healthy enough to climb up the side of a VERY large VERY steep hill and get me to the top.

It was not that long ago that my body was being ravaged by CFS and it was difficult for me just to get dressed and walk to the bathroom … I do not take this body of mine for granted. Not one little bit. I love my body. Even if it’s a little lumpier at 42 then it was at 22. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who sent me b-day wishes. I love you all …

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7 Responses to What a lovely day!!

  1. Christina says:

    Well happy birthday! Even if I am a bit late…

  2. Christina says:

    I am sorry… I’ve lost a comma…

  3. Susan Rooker says:

    Your photo of Fergus (needing to pee) made me laugh! You certainly have a great eye for the camera!
    thanks for sharing with your bloggies/FB peeps.

    You inspire us all!

  4. Phebe says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah! You make 42 look very fun, fit and sexy!

  5. Sarah Buchan says:

    It sounds like your birthday was perfect. Fergus is cute.
    When I was reading this blog, you could easily be someone’s idol- healthy, fit, raring to go, vegan, good cook, good partner, appreciative, loving to your dog, and have a zest for life! Love it.
    Nice to know you had fun.

  6. Jill says:

    What a great day! I miss Mt. Doug!

  7. leslie says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

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