What a great day!

The killer heatwave we were having finally broke and now it feels like a regular ocean breezy kind of summer day. Ahhhh. 🙂

I took Fergus to the hairdresser today because he’s really been suffering in all this heat.Since I had a few hours to kill – I wandered around downtown. I haven’t wandered downtown in a long while … it’s funny how I live downtown. Own a business downtown. Yet I never do anything downtown. Anyhoo. There’s lots of newish locally owned boutique stores in the downtown core and I wandered through all of them but I ended up spending most of my time perusing the amazing Hunter Gatherer… …which is the best vintage clothing store in Victoria.

Where I bought a great pair of never-been-worn vintage shoes. Woot. I also walked out with a cheque for $80 for some consignment stuff I sold there. Gotta love some extra pocket $$ you weren’t expecting. Double Woot!
I still had an hour to kill so I headed to TZ to visit Gerry while he tortured… whoops… I mean tattoo’d his client.
I had a rice-crust pizza with pesto and vegan cheese from The Joint
…and picked up a freshly shorn Fergus who is soooo much happier to be sporting a new summer cut.
If you’re wondering … Fergus is sitting in his Outward Hound Booster Chair. I know it’s all kinds of ridiculousness but it keeps him from jumping all around the car. Plus if I slam on the brakes for some reason – he’s strapped in and safe. 🙂

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  1. Miranda says:

    <3 hunter gatherer but i sort of forgot about it. thanks for the reminder i will have to check in there next time i'm downtown.

    we have seatbelts for the pugs. they just plug into the normal seatbelt buckles and buckle onto their harness. not silly at all to keep our babies safe!

    love the new shoes too!

  2. Vicky Vaporuby says:

    oh Fergus!

  3. Jeni Treehugger says:

    Those shoes are super cute and Fergus looks so handsome with his new hair cut.

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