What a great day!

The killer heatwave we were having finally broke and now it feels like a regular ocean breezy kind of summer day. Ahhhh. 🙂

I took Fergus to the hairdresser today because he’s really been suffering in all this heat.Since I had a few hours to kill – I wandered around downtown. I haven’t wandered downtown in a long while … it’s funny how I live downtown. Own a business downtown. Yet I never do anything downtown. Anyhoo. There’s lots of newish locally owned boutique stores in the downtown core and I wandered through all of them but I ended up spending most of my time perusing the amazing Hunter Gatherer… …which is the best vintage clothing store in Victoria.

Where I bought a great pair of never-been-worn vintage shoes. Woot. I also walked out with a cheque for $80 for some consignment stuff I sold there. Gotta love some extra pocket $$ you weren’t expecting. Double Woot!
I still had an hour to kill so I headed to TZ to visit Gerry while he tortured… whoops… I mean tattoo’d his client.
I had a rice-crust pizza with pesto and vegan cheese from The Joint
…and picked up a freshly shorn Fergus who is soooo much happier to be sporting a new summer cut.
If you’re wondering … Fergus is sitting in his Outward Hound Booster Chair. I know it’s all kinds of ridiculousness but it keeps him from jumping all around the car. Plus if I slam on the brakes for some reason – he’s strapped in and safe. 🙂

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