what a day….

We did a quick and dirty reno in the kitchen today to accommodate Samantha who will be officially plugged in tomorrow. We moved the counter/cupboards over to the corner of kitchen where the stove used to be.So that meant cleaning out the cupboards …. ugh.And removing some tile…And sliding some things around.Gerry found a fun little surprise underneath the cupboards. YOWZA! Now that’s the kind of 70’s lino I like. Too bad it’s just a tiny little strip of it… cause this kitchen could be all kinds of wow with that foor.Fergus … of course found a comfortable? spot to hang out.Now I have a free stove to get rid of. Anyone in Victoria want a free stove? Everything works except the clock.

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  1. gypwytch says:

    It’s going to look GREAT when you’re all done! 🙂

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