What a day…

For Gerry‘s birthday I planned a day of leisure and mafia hits.

First… we woke up at 10:30am. Ahhhh. While Gerry showered, I set up his presents on the bed which were a pair of new slippers, a VERY cozy housecoat and a pair of house pants.

Note: House Pants are pants you put on as soon as you get home from a hards days work. They’re not the same as pajamas as you could walk the dog at night in your house pants and not be embarrassed to be seen in public.

For brunch we had apple pie pancakes, beans and toast and soy-sausages. YUM! We were so stuffed we skipped lunch and for dinner we had Gerry‘s requested dinner of shepherds pie, gravy and pumpkin pie. All recipes, of course, from the various trilogy books.

We spent the day watching Gerry‘s last gift, the final season of The Sopranos on dvd. We watched all 8 episodes yesterday. ALL OF THEM!! It was a very long day … but totally fun.

In between episode 4 and 5 we took Le Dog on a nice long walk… Fergus was like a pig in shit having us home all day. He spent most of it camped out under the blankets between my legs enjoying potato chip farts and listening to the sounds of Tony Soprano yelling at everyone.

As for The Sopranos finale. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone… but holy shit. What an ending… I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest during that final scene. I’m going to miss that family something fierce.

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